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The individuals from Class Action Alliance distinguish inside of particular worldwide revolutionary conventions perceiving four primary precepts of rebel association. The center of these customs is the requirement for revolutionary political associations that try to create:

  • Hypothetical Unity
  • Strategic Unity
  • Aggregate Action and Discipline
  • Federalism

Turmoil will be realized by the battle between the unfathomable regular workers greater part of society and the minor minority that at present standards. An effective social change will oblige that rebel thoughts turn into the main thoughts inside of the common laborers. This won’t happen suddenly, it is up to agitators to start and take part in social developments as a sorted out power.

A noteworthy center of our movement is work at those vital focuses where common laborers individuals are arranging together for control over our lives, the choices influencing us and against mistreatment. These regions incorporate, yet are not restricted to, direct activity in the work environment, neighborhood activism, a nature development that recollects class and imperviousness to all types of abuse. Mistreatment takes numerous structures, including however not restricted to, prejudice, sexism and homophobia. Every must be faced exclusively, and in relationship to each other. The class battle can’t succeed without defying these persecutions and their convergences. We have to be inside of these mass based developments of our class.

Past the customary revolutionary inclusion inside of the mass monetary battles of the working people, we see it as key to work in battles that happen outside the unions and the work environment. These incorporate, however are not restricted to, battles against specific types of persecution, pioneerism, dominion and the battles of the working people for an OK place and environment in which to live. Our general way to deal with these, similar to our way to deal with the unions, is to include ourselves with mass developments and work inside of these developments, keeping in mind the end goal to advance revolutionary techniques for association including direct vote based system and direct activity.

We see the achievement of a social upheaval being controlled by the building of such battles in the at this very moment. The systems for battle that we advance are an arrangement for the running of society along rebel and comrade lines after the upheaval.

In the soul of working people internationalism, we contradict all types of government and pioneerism, and shield every one of people groups’ rights to self-detemination. We will act in solidarity with all battles of abused people groups for their aggregate freedom. While in solidarity with every meeting expectations individuals’ battles, we are contradicted to all endeavors for national or global decision classes to co-select these battles, and all reactionary patriotism.

To accomplish harmony in the middle of humankind and the characteristic world, we must make a general public which is in light of the fulfillment of genuine needs, for example, sustenance, haven, water, and group. Current natural annihilation is an aftereffect of private enterprise’s have to commodify the characteristic world, for the abundance of a little minority. We perceive that social change is the initial move towards environmental offset, not way of life changes or innovative developments.

We perceive a requirement for revolutionary associations who concur with these standards to unify on a local, national and worldwide premise. In any case, we accept the level of organization conceivable and the measure of exertion put into it must be dictated by accomplishment at building associations fit for making such work a reality, instead of a matter of mottos.